The Open Healthcare Group
Open Source Health Record
  Why Open Source?
  Like Linux, our health record, X-Chart, uses an open source code. Everyone is therefore allowed to use and modify it free of charge.
  The Open Healthcare Group wants to create a community of people who share the goal of improving clinical care. This community will be able to freely use our health record, X-Chart. This maximizes everyone's access to the Open Healthcare Group technology. It also makes our health record truly transferable since any recipient can freely download the necesarry software. In addition, as an open source code, we encourage people to modify and make improvements upon it.
  The commercializtion of healthcare and software has often led to the development of "corporate secrets." This has thus stifled cooperation and advancement in both industries. The Open Healthcare Group believes that collectively we can work together to create a health record that will significantly improve the practice of medicine. We believe, furthermore, that everyone should benefit from and have access to this new technology. [Next]

1. Why Open Source?

2. Why Open Health?