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  XChart is a native XML application. The goal is to create a universal, long lasting, indexed, searchable electronic medical record. Because the information is stored as native XML it is independent of the particular operating system and software implementation. We are in the process of developing a grove system to enable XML based processing of XML as well as other information standards such as MIME, EDI and traditional HL-7.
  We have developed techniques to interoperate with traditional (SQL) database systems which have been used in out initial implemention, now in clinical use. We are currently in the process of transforming this system into a fully native XML system and have developed techniques to edit XML files as if they were SQL tables.
  We have tested the operative note generator against Saxon, XT, Xalan and MSXML XSLT processors. The system being demonstrated has been deployed using Java Servlets running within the Apache JServ 1.1 servlet engine. We have also used the Tomcat 3.1 engine. In the past we have used the MSXML XSL processor running under NT 4.0 via IIS/ASP.
  The servlet implementation uses the XMTP technique of transforming the source MIME request into an XML represention (really SAX events) which are fed into a SAX processing chain. The TRaX interface facilitates using either the Saxon or Xalan transformation engines as SAX 'filters'.
  HTTP and SMTP servlets handles a medical workflow process which moves, conjugates, indexes etc. XML information 'packets' between various work queues. For example, the resultant operative report is automatically generated and coded, then edited, entered into the XML repository and e-mailed (as HTML) into a billing process.
  By creating XChart as an RDF application, the process of creating an XML medical record as a sequence of individual packets, allows intelligent 'agents' to aggregate the information for medical research studies, medical outcomes analysis and medical error reporting. We strongly believe this approach will provide great benefits to our healthcare system, though clearly more research and work needs to be done. This is a start, we feel in the right direction.
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